The Baddest: A Guide To Trina Songs When You Feel...


I tweeted this awhile ago, but I thought it would be better to put it here. Plus, nobody follows me on Twitter so..bloop.

Anyway, I went through a stage where I was truly a Trina STAN, and even now, I still love these songs.

For purposes of this post, I’ve included a number of Trina songs that have particularly given me the words, when I didn’t have them and an ally, when I need someone who understands how it feels to go through it(whatever “it” is…there’s a song for it, trust).

So let’s dive into it!

1) Single Again - I don’t even feel like I have to say it, but every girl out there knows this was the anthem for all breakups. I mean, I couldn’t wait to put this song on my Myspace page, whenever it went down. Half of the time I was heartbroken on the inside, but when the beat drops, and the voice of Katrina, saying “I’M BACK! I’M BACK!” came on, I became an empowered woman.

“YOU KNOW HOW THEY DO, HOW THEY ACT! *laughs in obnoxious black woman* Because, me, singing along.

2) I Want It All - Now, the corresponding tweet, originally posted in February, read “When you invested in a dummy, and now you need reparations.” Honestly, I think I summed it up perfectly, so we can move on to the next. lol

3) That’s My Attitude: When you snap back into yourself and realize you the sh*t and don't gaf bout nothing...but your check (play this if you need a real pick me up lol). Disclaimer: I do NOT condone talking to anybody’s man or comparing yourself to other people, so just skip those two parts. lol

4) Always: Perfect for when you're in love and he loves you back. lol I remember when I really felt these words. If you got a man, and you love him, sing this to him sis.

5) U & Me: A track dedicated to your old best friends that couldn't go with ya or YOURSELF because you realize you need to get your life in order ASAP. Do not get hung up on the specific words. This track is about struggle. Fake love, loyalty to the wrong people, mistakes you make trying to figure life out, etc.

6) Shawty Say - I saw a really disturbing post on my Facebook today, and I was in disbelief that someone could relate to something so foul and degrading. That said, if you feel where Trina is coming from on this track, just leave sis. lol.

7) Still Da Baddest - This song is just…a MOOD. Top 4 quotes below:

  • “I will NOT lose.”

  • “B-A-D I’m bad to the bone”

  • “I’m still da baddest, ain’t anotha I’m da baddest”

  • “I’m equivalent to NONE”

Disclaimer: I’m not saying the lyrics aren’t problematic…however, 9/10 is good vibes, good vibes.


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