Spotlight: Meet Ashlee Murray, Founder of Writefullee Yours Calligraphy Service

Before I get started, let's all give it up one time for the Yes, Sis segment - a space especially made for my ladies, who are doing their thing!

For this Yes, Sis post I will be highlighting 28 year-old, Calligraphy artist, Ashlee Murray, and her Calligraphy co., Writefullee Yours.

Writefullee Yours, which was conceptualized by combining the visual art related to writing(calligraphy) and the intimate touch, "lee," for her name (Ashlee), is a go-to handwritten service for specialized, event signage, including weddings, birthdays and baby showers.

The niche artist wrote us into her schedule to share a glimpse into her hobby turned venture and I've spelled it out below for your reference!

1) What was it like getting started with the business? Scary at first! I grew to love Calligraphy from admiring all the work of other artists found on Pinterest, so of course I compared myself to their work starting out. But, once I realized that it was something I actually enjoyed doing, I began to love my art, and I stopped comparing it to the [work of ] tenured professionals found on social media.

2) Would you say there’s a high demand and/or need for the service? Yes, it's very popular in this day and age. Event signage can be used for a variety of occasions; not just for wedding days, and it really adds a personal touch to the venue. Furthermore, because the thought of writing tons of names on a mirror for a seating chart or addressing 100+ envelopes can really intimidate people,  being able to utilize a calligrapher to do it for you and make it look amazing makes it priceless. 

3) What’s the benefit, from your perspective, of having handwritten calligraphy on-site at an event? It's definitely a game changer. Nowadays people can purchase fonts online, but it takes away the human interaction of the art. It's like, why have a copy of art, when the real thing is super accessible? It's also limiting, because purchased fonts are usually utilized for paper products (invitations, print collateral), whereas handwritten can be utilized on more unique canvases (walls, mirrors, wood, etc.)

4) Was it a difficult skill set to pick up? Why or why not Yes and No. I took a class that lasted about 6 weeks. But, there are so many resources available to learn calligraphy, so all I had to do was go on YouTube or walk in an art store.  The hours spent practicing, however, was very time consuming. People forget it's not simply writing letters, but actually drawing them, so having to unlearn a lot about your natural writing habits was hard at first. After enough hours practicing over and over it clicked!

If you would have told me..I would one day have a love and passion for calligraphy, my response to you would’ve been, ‘Calligraphy? What’s that?’
— Ashlee Murray

5) What’s a memorable interaction you’ve had with customers that stuck with you? I'll never forget the first time i presented my first deliverable to a client. It was a seating chart for a wedding and around 175 names. The "unveiling" was so exciting because I was the first to witness her admiration and the compliments that ensued after were overwhelming! It really made me feel special - that I was contributing to a very special day of hers that will be forever ingrained in her memory. It was actually kind of sad to see her haul the mirror away for the event because I knew I'd never see it live and in person again - ha!

For quick reference, here's a full list of the services she provides:

  • Seating Charts

  • Table numbers

  • Menus/Event Signage

  • Small Gifts

  • Baby/Birthday Occasions

Head over to and check it out!


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